Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A report on the Special General Body meeting at Hisar, Haryana on 24.11.2016.
AGS(F), AGS (C/E/A), AGS (DR) and OS (North) attended the Special General Body meeting at Hisar, Haryana on 24.11.2016. All the dignitaries were welcomed by AIBSNLEA/AIGETOA Hisar team by garlanding. Distt. Secretary AIBSNLEA Hisar Shri G.C. Grover delivered the welcome address.

CS Haryana AIGETOA Shri Ranvijay in his address appealed all to vote for AIBSNLEA for the better future of BSNL Executives. He opined that the referendum is a very important process and a right decision in the process is very important. 

CS Haryana AIBSNLEA Shri Darbara Singh in his address thanked to Hisar comrades for the successful conduction of the Joint GB meeting. He informed the house that there is a very excellent wave in the favor of AIBSNLEA in whole Haryana Circle. He further mentioned that in this regard the role and support of AIBSNLEA is tremendous in the cases like Standard pay scales, 30% superannuation benefit issue and CPSU cadre hierarchy. He emphasized on settlement of the grievances and personalized mobilization of the Executives in the favor of AIBSNLEA to take lead in the ensuing membership verification. He appraised the house about the activities of the AIBSNLEA in Haryana Circle and assured about the victory of AIBSNLEA in Haryana Circle.

CP Haryana AIGETOA Shri Rajeev in his address told that the Hisar SSA is a very important SSA of Haryana Circle. He explained the stand of AIGETOA?s support to AIBSNLEA in referendum. He appealed all to vote of AIBSNLEA in ensuing referendum on 07.12.2016.

Com. Devesh Sharma, OS (N), AIBSNLEA CHQ in his address described about the need of the Membership Verification. He also described about the AIBSNLEA's efforts about the issues of the DR Executives like Pay, Promotion and Pension issue. He mentioned that the combined efforts of the United Forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA are addressing the problems of the Executives in an effective manner. He appealed all the Executives to be unite and cast their votes in favour of AIBSNLEA for the best settlement of their issues by providing it victory by 2/3rd majority.

Com. Ajay Kaswan, AGS (DR) in his address appealed all the Executives to use their voting rights. He opined that the voting should be exercised for the betterment of their cadre and resolvement for the issues. He told that the alliance of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA is natural and not only limited for the sake of referendum because both are pursuing the common causes. He informed that this alliance is number one in all the circles. He appealed to make AIBSNLEA as no.1 Association by stamping the vote at serial number 1 on ballot paper.

Com. P.C. Joshi, AGS (C/E/Arch) in his address informed about the background of the constitution of AIBSNLEA. He appraised the house about the Civil/Electrical matters and appealed the house to cast votes in favor of AIBSNLEA for making it number one Association. He informed about the background of the constitution of AIBSNLEA. He appealed to make AIBSNLEA as no.1 Association.

Com. Rajpal, AGS (F) in his address said that 2/3rd majority to AIBSNLEA is the only option for protecting the interest of every cadre. He told that all cadre?s major Executives are with AIBSNLEA. He appealed all Finance Executives that they should vote and support AIBSNLEA because it truly address their issues instead any other Association where there is no representation of Finance wing and even no any deep knowledge about the issues related to finance personnel?s. He appealed all the Executives to strengthen the hands of AIBSNLEA in ensuing referendum. He apprised the house with restoration of LICE passed JAOs posting and voting rights. He gave assurance to all the new incumbents in Haryana circle who has selected in JAO LICE to pursue for their training. 

At the end of the meeting an interactive open session was arranged in which CHQ Office bearers replied all the queries asked by the members. OS AIGETOA Shri Rakesh Kumar delivered vote of thanks.

The conference hall was jam packed. Before coming to meeting venue the CHQ team visited BSNL offices situated at Hisar and appealed to vote and support AIBSNLEA in the coming Membership Verification. The meeting ended with delicious dinner.
Glimpses of the meeting follows

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