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IDA pay scale upgradation E-1 to E-2

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Minutes of meeting held on 21 JUNE 2011 with Honourable CGMT Haryana

Circle Secretary , President and Financial Secy met Chief General Manager Haryana,Sr GM Admn,Sr GM (Fin) on 21/6/2011 in the chamber of CGMT Haryana . Meeting took place in a co-ordial atmosphere ,we assured our fullest cooperation to CGMT Haryana.The following points were discussed in the meeting :-
1 Non commissioning of wimax BTS :-
CGMT Haryana directed the vendors on spot to complete the pending points at earliest so that BTS may be commissioned as soon as possible.
2 FTTH:-
We expressed our concern on  expenditure of Rs1100 cr for purchasing the FTTH eqpt  where the output  is almost negligible.So further fibre should not be laid without having demand.CGMTHaryana appreciated our concern and assured positive action in this regard.
3 Problem in CDR :-
We apprised CGMT Haryana about slow speed  and other problems of CDR system. Mr Maninder Bhatia circle nodal officer  told us in detail that case has already been taken up with M/s TCS and action is being taken to remove the CDR problems.
4 Scarcity of new telephone instruments ,cables and other items:-
CGMT Haryana told that 1400 Km 5pair has already been allotted to SSAs and PO for telephone instruments will be issued soon.
5 Pooling of Vehicles:-
Sr GM Admn told that  instructions have already been issued and being followed.
6 Auction of trunk lines and other obsolete materials:-
CGMT Haryana replied that obsolete materials are being scrapped  from time to time. Some poles are standing for the purpose of ADvt. as per directions of CHQ.
7 Curbing of Wasteful expenditure such as Rent and Elecricity Bills being paid for the sites where no BTS is installed/cancelled and closure of loss making exchanges etc:- CGMT  Haryana told that decision will be taken after discussion with  worthy CMD.
8  Permanent  Posting  of DGM at Panipat:-
CGMT Haryana replied that at present there is shortage of DGM in Haryana. DGM Panipat will posted on availability.
9 Deployment of more staff in pursuit cell and allotment of vehicle on regular basis :-
Sr GM admn told that the suitable instructions will be issued soon.
10 New 3G BTS may commissioned only after confirmation from SDE CM concerned to have proper Utilization and good revenue generation and avoid unnecessary  expenditure:-
CGMT Haryana told that Instructions will be issued soon.
11 Officiating arrangement in the Cadre of DE and PS and look after arrangement in the cadre of DGM (Fin):-  
CGMT Haryana told that DE officiating orders are not being issued on account of court case.But legal opinion will be taken in the presence of Association representatives  and  it  will be decided on the base of legal opinion.
12 Relieving orders of Sh HS verma SDE Samalkha ,Sh R.K Shrama DE Panipat,and Sh Chander Prakash Mehta SDE gurgaon for Chq and transfer of Sh S N Duhan DGM HSR.:-
Sr GM Admn informed that the case of all JTOs/SDEs/DETs/  has been sent to CO for proper substitute /cancellation.Officers will be relieved as soon as proper substitute is available.Sr GM Fin assured for early transfer of Sh S N Duhan DGM fin Hissar.
13 Transfer should be done on seniority and request basis  and not on pick and choose to avoid heavy expenditure on TA/TP :-
CGMT  Haryana assured to issue the instruction to the concerned officers.                        
14 Poor performance of HBL make batteries .So these should not be procured:-CGMT Haryana told instructions have been issued to concerned officer.
15 Expedite the work of the leasing out infra to other operators and early implementation of installation of ATM in Xge building and leasing out 3G network to other operators for roaming:-
CGMT Haryana assured for positive action regading to leasing out infra and early implementation of installation of ATMs in Xge premises and regarding  leasing out 3G network he told that it is CHq level matter.
16 Leasing out of  vacant quarters and prime locations for additional revenue generation:-
CGMT Haryana informed that action is being taken in this regard.

  Darbara Singh
                                                                                                                                        (Circle Secretary)