Monday, December 31, 2012


Monday, December 24, 2012

All the Distt /Branch secretaries are requested to deposit the Circle and Chq quota of subscription fee upto DEC12.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

 The ITS repatriation case came for  hearing in the Hon'ble High Court Delhi on 18/12/12 AGS, Shri Mehra submitted the minutes of the meeting of Committee of Secretaries held on 12.12.2012 on Cabinet Note on which Cabinet may take decision upto 15th Jan'2013 and the same will be apprised to the Hon'ble Court.
Hon'ble High Court Delhi has posted the case on 1st Feb'2013 for hearing by extending the last date for implementation of its order upto 01.02.2013.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

All the Distt and branch Secretaries are requested to ensure 100% participation in 2 days' dharna at SSA level/Cirle level  under the banner of Joint Forum of BSNL MTNL Unoins and Associations on the following demands:-
1 All unabsorbed ITS officers should be forthwith relieved to DOT for the true and just implementation of absorption process or All employees absorbed/recruited by BSNL & MTNL  should be taken back to Govt service and permitted to work in BSNL and MTNL on the deputation as in the case of unabsorbed ITS group A officers.
2 Ensure financial viability of BSNL and MTNL by:-
i) Immediate refund of BWA spectrum charges to BSNL and MTNL
ii) BSNL and MTNL should not be charged for the extra spectrum holding by them in excess of 4.4 MHZ.
iii) Adequate compensation for BSNL rural landline operations.
iv)Exempt BSNL/MTNL from spectrum liberalisation and reforming.
v) Justified sanction of funds from the USO fund to BSNL and MTNL and immediate release of funds from USOF.
vi)immediate procurement of equipments and materials by BSNL and MTNL.
3) Pension of retirees to be paid by government instead of MTNL as in case of BSNL retirees.
4) Immediate issue of Presedential Directive from DOT for 78.2% IDA fixation for BSNL employees.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Haryana Circle donated Rs.11,000/- 

for purchase of Car for CHQ on the 

Occasion of CEC meeting of 

AIBSNLEA Haryana held at Karnal on 

12/12/12 in grand manner.

12.12.2012: Circle Executives' Committee Meeting of AIBSNLEA Haryana Circle on 12.12.2012 held at KarnalThe Circle Executives' Committee Meeting of AIBSNLEA Haryana Circle was organised on 12.12.2012 at Gymkhana Club, Karnal in a grand manner. The CEC Meeting was  attended by Sh. Prahlad Rai, General Secretary , Sh. B. Ravindranath, Finance Secretary and   Sh. Devesh Sharma, Organizing Secretary (North) from AIBSNLEA CHQ side. The Open session was also organized on the occasion of CEC Meet. Shri Chandrahaas, GMTD Karnal was the Chief Guest.
Com. Dayanand Circle President Haryana welcomed all the dignitaries in his welcome address.
Com. Darbara Singh, CS Haryana in his keynote address touched the issue of financial viability of BSNL and the reasons of financial crisis in today's scenario. He appealed to stop the unnecessary expenditure in day to day working. He also stressed to strengthen the marketing channel partners and improve customer satisfaction.
Com. Shri Jogi Ram, CWC member Haryana in his address stressed to focus on data services. He appealed to all to encourage the young staff. He suggested to use the OFC network for providing lease line services. He also highlighted some cases pending with Haryana Circle Administration.
Com. Devesh Sharma, Organizing Secretary (North), CHQ in his address explained that in which manner the BSNL is suffering from the discriminatory attitude of the Govt. of India. He explained the efforts of CHQ in continuously resolving the issues of BSNL Executives. He highlighted the efforts and also role of AIBSNLEA CHQ in resolving the problems of DR JTOs/JAOs.
Com. B. Ravindranath, FS(CHQ) , in his address appealed all the members to change the erstwhile DoT mindset and serve the customers more efficiently. He also stressed out the points related to viability of BSNL and stressed to strengthen our Broadband network. He also mentioned the efforts of AIBSNLEA for DPCs.
GS AIBSNLEA, Shri Prahlad Rai , congratulated the comrades of Haryana Circle and specially Karnal SSA for organizing CEC Meeting in a grand manner and thanked the comrades for their great affection. He appreciated the efforts of Haryana Circle in the Organizational action programmes at HQ. In his detailed address Com. GS mentioned that due to un-helping attitude of the Govt. i.e. unjustified payment of spectrum charges (3G & BWA) of Rs. 18,500, non-reimbursement of licenses fee, USO Charges, OPEX Charges, withdrawal of ADC, Huge expenditure on Telegraph services, payment of  interest @14.5% on notional loan of Rs. 7500 Crores to DoT has adversely affected the viability of BSNL.  He informed that heavy expenditure is being made for the maintenance of 29,000 Rural telephone exchanges whereas ADC has been withdrawn. In addition of this he mentioned that field units are facing problems for non-procurement of GSM equipment, cables, telephone instruments, MLLN Modem, Broadband Modem, Drop wires etc which has affected the quality & growth of services. He explained that how the AIBSNLEA along with other Unions/Associations is continuously pursuing these viability related issues with the BSNL Management and DoT.
Com. GS stressed on the need of committed leadership  in BSNL. Com GS. Further explained the burning issues at Headquarters level like ITS Repatriation process and 78.2 % IDA fitment benefit case. He mentioned that ITS absorption process should be completed by the Govt. of India , in the same manner like Group B, C or D. He explained the situation on the issues like VRS, 30% disinvestment and unbundling of last mile copper. He apprised the status of HR issues related to mainly DPCs from JTO to SDE, SDE to DE(Adhoc/Regular), DE to DGM, JAO to AO, AO to CAO & CAO to DGM(F), JTOs(C/E) to SDEs(C/E), SDEs (C/E) to EEs(C/E), VRS, Group 'A' officer absorption, Pay anomaly- Sr. are drawing less salary than their juniors, withdrawal of leave encashment, stopping of LTC etc.  He also appealed to all to make the Mass Dharna successful on 17th and 18th December'2012  on the call of Joint Forum. At last he appealed all Executives' for makine  every efforts with a team spirit and customer care for making BSNL a vibrant organization.
Chief Guest of the Open session Shri Chandrahaas, GMTD Karnal, congratulated the AIBSNLEA Haryana Circle Body for the grand success of the CEC meeting. He appealed all to leave the laziness and ensure to serve the BSNL with full enthusiasm. He mentioned that in Karnal SSA , the availability of BTSs have been increased from 96% to 98 %. He stressed on the need of early restoration of telephone connections. He stressed to strengthen the sales teams in BSNL and organized BSNL Melas. He also suggested to increase the revenue by customer care. Com Jasmer Singh extended the vote of thanks. The entire Conference Hall was Jam Packed. <<<Click Here for Glimpses>>

Saturday, December 8, 2012

All the CEC members of AIBSNLEA Haryana are requested to attend the CEC meeting to be held at Gymkhana Club Karnal on dated 12/12/12 from 11:00 AM onwards.