Friday, May 27, 2016

28.05.2016:Awareness Gate Meeting on 30th May 2016 during lunch hours: All the Branch Secretaries of United Forum of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA are requested to hold Awareness Gate Meeting on Monday i.e. 30th May 2016 during lunch hours to explain the achievements & success of agitational programme.
28.05.2016 Deferment of Organizational action Programme – call given by United Forum of AIBSNELA and AIGETOA

Congratulations to all the members and supporters of United Forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA !!!!!. We hereby congratulate all the rank and file of United Forum for their dedicated support and participation in the organizational action program. This is only the first step achieved and we have miles to go. We have been able to convince the management about the legitimacy of our demands and the firm timelines for resolutions have been committed. Despite the several negative forces running every nuke and corner to derail the resolution of issues and doing all sort of propaganda to just achieve their only one objective i.e. of membership verification. No doubt, Membership verification is the solution to this leg pulling approach by the overzealous corners but the same should not have been at the cost of derailing and sabotaging the issues by their unnecessary threats. We welcome them in Ballot Field also. Time will show them their real destiny. 
Now we request all the members to work sincerely and very hard to take BSNL to the new Heights. To our understanding, Management has already taken the first step towards fulfilling the commitment by approving the Management Committee proposal of replacing the scales from E2 to E7 and we sincerely hope and believe that management will honor all its commitments to keep the employee – employer relationship and industrial harmony at its best. We promise that we shall be keeping a strict vigilance over the issues to prevent any mischief from the overzealous corners.
Thanks and Gratitude once again to all the members for showing their exceptional support and hard-work to make this organizational action program successful…
In view of the positive approach of management and actual action taken on ground towards resolution of the issues… we hereby defer our organizational action program with a promise to return back if the things doesn’t go as committed.