Friday, April 8, 2011

Observing of  "Employees Awareness Week"
The JAC has decided that an "Employees Awareness Week" is to be observed from 18th to 24th April, 2011. During this period, combined General Body meetings of all the JAC affiliates are to be conducted at the Branch and SSA levels. In these meetings, the SSA / Branch level issues on which action is to be taken i.e., to increase the quality of services as well as customer satisfaction, will be identified. Together with this, action programme are also to be formulated to achieve the objectives, i.e. improving the quality of our services and customer satisfaction.

Observing of  "Customer Delight Month"
A Customer Delight Month is to be observed by the JAC, from 1st May to 31st May. The following targets are to be achieved during the month of Customer Delight Month.
       Zero land line, OFC  faults () All faults to be cleared on the same day
       Zero Broad Band faults () Cable faults to be cleared within 48 hours
       Zero Leased line faults
       Zero BTS faults
       Zero pending work orders of New Connections / Broad Band / shifting
       Redressal of customer grievances in respect of quality of service, billing,
        stopping migration of customers.
       Visiting subscriber premises. Make the customers to learn using GPRs, through
         demonstration. This will enable the customers to avail value added services.
       Proper upkeep of the batteries and power plant.
       Identifying / disposing of scrap materials.
       Effective utilisation of the space which had been occupied by scrap materials.
       Maintaining punctuality - attending office on time.
       Manning of the Customer Service Centres from 8 am to 8 pm and on second
        Saturdays & Sundays.
       Giving proper publicity by issuing pamphlets to the public, displaying posters /
         flex boards and publicity through media. This is to give a message to the public   
         that BSNL employees care for their customers.
       Each employee should bring at least 2 new customers (land line, Broad Band /
         Mobile etc.) during this month.
       To take all measures to save electricity.
     Weekly Review of the progress and discussion between management & staff side.

All the District Secretaries/ Branch Secretaries are requested to mobilize above programmes and implement the same in true sprit. Click Here for Details  Page1   Page2