Monday, December 12, 2011

12.12.2011: No improvement in the talk Strike will take place: Based on the strike notice issued by the JAC, talks were held between the Director (HR) and the Joint Action Committee today the 12-12-2011. President and FS attended the meeting. Management was not able to solve any of the issue for which notice has been given.

Hence, there is no change in the decision to go on strike. Strike will take place on 15-12-2011. All are requested to gear up the preparations for the strike
12.12.2011: Hon'ble CENTRAL ADMINISTRATIVE TRIBUNAL, ERNAKULAM BENCH O.A. NO. 109 OF 2011 with O.A. No. 110/2011 and 236/2011 judgment dated 07.12.2011 in the Seniors (SDEs promoted as adhoc DEs before getting the second TBP ) getting less pay than Juniors ( SDEs promoted as adhoc DEs after getting the second Time Bound Promotion ) case : " The respondents are directed to step up the pay of the applicants to the level of pay of their juniors with effect from the date of arising of the anomaly of seniors drawing less pay than their juniors in respect of each of the applicants within a period of 3 months from the date of receipt of a copy of this order. However, this order will not stand in the way of the Committee set up to deal with the issue under consideration in these O.As, giving a more beneficial recommendation for the applicants."

This issue is under active consideration with the Committee headed by PGM ( Finance), CO, New Delhi. As per the consistent efforts of this association, the said committee has been constituted and AIBSNLEA has already given its inputs to the Committee in this regard and have had a number of discussions on this issue with the members of this committee for resolution of this anomaly at the earliest.
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Thursday, December 8, 2011

8.12.2011:   Congratulations, Continues efforts of AIBSNLEA yielded the  result in getting released order for calculation of monthly contribution based on existing basic pay instead of maximum of pay scale w.ef. 01.12.2011.(AIBSNLEA Letters dated 14.06.2010, 9.2.2010, 25.03.2010 and 18.10.2010).
08.12.2011:   On AIBSNELA and BSNL Management continues persuasion, Government finally decided to refund around Rs.7000 crores towards obsolete BWA spectrum charges to BSNL.  

08.12.2011:   GS, President, FS, AGS(HQ), AGS(F) met PGM(FP) and discussed:-

(i) DPCs from JAO to AO and AO to CAO(Adhoc/Regular): We expressed our serious concern against delay in holding DPC from    JAO to AO and AO to CAO(Adhoc/Regular). PGM(FP) mentioned that for holding DPCs to fill up about 487 CAOs posts on adhoc basis and about 230 CAOs posts on regular basis have been sent to BSNL Management Committee for approval. He assured that in the next MC Meeting, he will get clearance from MC and DPCs will start. Similarly DPC to fill up about 476 vacant AOs posts has been initiated, the  ACRs will shortly be collected.

(ii) DPC from CAO to DGM(F): PGM(FP) mentioned that the Lucknow Bench of SC/ST Commission has restricted the DPC till their clearance. Efforts are being made to get clearance.

(iii) Request/Modification Transfer cases of AOs/CAOs: We requested for consideration of pending request /modification transfer cases of AOs/CAOs. PGM(FP) assured to look into.

(iv) Holding of Committee Meetings on withdrawal of clarification issued by Pers. Cell dated 19.02.2010(AAO/Sr. AO/Sr. SDE Cases) and Senior executives drawing less pay than their juniors:PGM(FP) mentioned that tomorrow itself committee will hold the meeting on clarification issued by Pers. Cell dated 19.02.2010 (AAO/Sr. AO/Sr. SDE Cases). For other issues committee will hold the meeting shortly.

08.12.2011: BSNL NEWS IN MEDIA
(i) Govt. accepts BSNL proposal to return BWA spectrum <<Click Here for detail news>>
(ii) DoT to expedite the VRS of almost one lakh employees of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. <<Click Here for detail news>>
(iii) PM says govt committed to telecom sector reforms <<Click Here for detail news>>
(iv) BSNL likely to seek govt. bailout <<Click Here for detail news>>
(v) With Rs 548-cr medical bill, BSNL is not a healthy organisation <<Click Here for detail news>>

Friday, December 2, 2011

02.12.2011: BSNL Corporate office issued order regarding transfer and posting of Executive s [AGM/DE] in the Telecom Operation Stream  <<Click here for letter>>
02.12.2011: BSNL Corporate office issued order regarding Posting on Promotion of the Executives SDE [Telecom] to the Executive AGM/DE of Telecom Operation Stream in the IDA scale of '29100-54500/-, on purely temporary and adhoc basis  <<Click here for letter>>
02.12.2011: BSNL Corporate office issued order regarding  final Seniority list in the grade of Executive Engineer(c) as on 01.04.2004 for Executives absorbed in BSNL <<Click here for letter>>
02.12.2011: BSNL Corporate office issued order regarding fixation of pay on promotion for executive employees- clarification on method of fixation of pay on promotion w.r.t. 2nd Pay revision <<Click here for letter>>
02.12.2011: BSNL Corporate office issued order regarding Calling of Vigilance Clearance for Regular promotion to the SDE(C) grade under Seniority cum fitness quota (67% quota)  <<Click here for letter>>
02.12.2011: BSNL Corporate office issued order regarding Encashment of HPL against shortfall of Earned Leave of 300 days on retirement in respect of Executives / Non-executives absorbed / directly recruited in BSNL <<Click here for letter>>
02.12.2011: BSNL Corporate office issued order regarding review of existing Tenure Areas/Stations in r/o J & K and NE-II Circle - <<Click here for letter>>
0.11.2011: BSNL NEWS(i) VRS for BSNL, MTNL employees not this fiscal; govt yet to decide  <<Click Here for detail News>
30.11.2011:  Hon'ble High Court at Chandigarh dismissed BSNL's appeal against seniority in TES Group-'B' as per Rule 206 <<Click here for judgment >>
30.11.2011:  AIBSNLEA's consisting efforts yielded result in getting released the promotion and posting of the Executives (STS level of Telecom Operations) working in the grade of 29100-54500 to the Executives (JAG level of Telecom Operations) grade in the scale of pay of Rs. 32900-58000(IDA revised), on purely on adhoc basis <<Click Here for LETTER