Thursday, December 8, 2011

08.12.2011:   GS, President, FS, AGS(HQ), AGS(F) met PGM(FP) and discussed:-

(i) DPCs from JAO to AO and AO to CAO(Adhoc/Regular): We expressed our serious concern against delay in holding DPC from    JAO to AO and AO to CAO(Adhoc/Regular). PGM(FP) mentioned that for holding DPCs to fill up about 487 CAOs posts on adhoc basis and about 230 CAOs posts on regular basis have been sent to BSNL Management Committee for approval. He assured that in the next MC Meeting, he will get clearance from MC and DPCs will start. Similarly DPC to fill up about 476 vacant AOs posts has been initiated, the  ACRs will shortly be collected.

(ii) DPC from CAO to DGM(F): PGM(FP) mentioned that the Lucknow Bench of SC/ST Commission has restricted the DPC till their clearance. Efforts are being made to get clearance.

(iii) Request/Modification Transfer cases of AOs/CAOs: We requested for consideration of pending request /modification transfer cases of AOs/CAOs. PGM(FP) assured to look into.

(iv) Holding of Committee Meetings on withdrawal of clarification issued by Pers. Cell dated 19.02.2010(AAO/Sr. AO/Sr. SDE Cases) and Senior executives drawing less pay than their juniors:PGM(FP) mentioned that tomorrow itself committee will hold the meeting on clarification issued by Pers. Cell dated 19.02.2010 (AAO/Sr. AO/Sr. SDE Cases). For other issues committee will hold the meeting shortly.

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