Friday, May 26, 2017

GS WRITES TO PGM(PERS) regarding to JTO to SDE promotion of Sh Babu Ram SDE Karnal promotion case from JTO to SDE and transfer case of Sh A.B. BAAD DGM (MSC) Panipat from Haryana to Karnataka Circle.
5th Circle Conference of AIBSNLEA Haryana Circle held on 24.05.2017 at Karnal:
The  Circle Conference of AIBSNLEA Haryana Circle was organized on 24.05.2017 at the auditorium of Gymkhana Club in a grand  manner. The Conference was  attended by Shri Prahlad Rai, GS AIBSNLEA, AGS HQ Shri N.L.Sharma, AGS (F) Shri Rajpal Sharma and Organizing Secretary (North) Sh. Devesh Sharma from AIBSNLEA CHQ side. The PGMTD Karnal Shri Sudeep Kumar was the Chief Guest in the Conference. Shri Ganesh Sabhrwal President AIBSNLEA Haryana Circle presided over meeting.

All the dignitaries on the dias were warmly welcomed by presenting shawls and mementoes. Circle Secretary AIBSNLEA Haryana Shri Darbara Singh presented the Circle Secretary report. He stressed upon the significance of the viability related issues in the growth of BSNL.  He apprised the role of AIBSNLEA Circle body in resolving the issues of the Executives' of Haryana Circle. He thanked the GS AIBSNLEA for his tireless efforts for resolving the Haryana Circle Executives' problems. He suggested the marketing of BSNL services by providing the quality of services. He stressed upon the need of generating the revenue by the alternative methods also by using SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis in the BSNL. At last he welcomed the entire distinguished guest for their esteemed presence in the Open Session.

Com. Devesh Sharma, Organizing Secretary (North) CHQ in his address congratulated all the members in Haryana Circle for providing such a huge response in Circle Conference. OS (North) mentioned that the Haryana Circle is a very important Circle for BSNL as well as AIBSNLEA.  He congratulated all for the elaborate arrangement of conference and making the Haryana as an important circle in North Zone. He explained the efforts of CHQ in the direction of continuously resolving the issues of BSNL DR Executives like pay, pension and promotion. He highlighted that the AIBSNLEA is always committed for the benefit of its members.

Com. Rajpal Sharma, AGS (F) in his address stressed that the extra hard work from one and all is needed for continuing the profit of the BSNL, which should be our ultimate target. He appealed all the Executives to be unite for the betterment of the BSNL. He highlighted that the interests of all the Executives are very safe in BSNL. At last he appealed to all for work together for the betterment of BSNL.

Com. N.L.Sharma, AGS (HQ) in his address stressed on the need of viability in BSNL. He informed about the efforts of AIBSNLEA to introduce the affordability clause for BSNL in 3rd PRC report but unfortunately the same was not became the reality. He discussed the 3rd PRC recommendations and its impact on the pension contribution. He mentioned the need of analytical balance in these two. He stressed upon the need of cascading effect for removing the harassment of candidates in pay stagnation. At last Com. AGS HQ thanked to the Haryana Circle Executives for such a nice conference.

GS AIBSNLEA, Shri Prahlad Rai, congratulated the comrades of Haryana Circle for organizing successful Circle Conference and thanked the comrades for their great affection with AIBSNLEA. Com GS also thanked the Executives of Haryana Circle for their support in Organizational action programs. Com. GS gave the example of Kerla, Orissa, J&K etc and appealed the Haryana comrades to do the work on the same footsteps for making the Haryana a profit making Circle.

Com. GS mentioned the history of the formation of AIBSNLEA and its role in the better policy formulation like Executive Promotion Policy, BSNL MSRR etc due to which a large number of BSNL Executives have achieved the DGM level posts.

Com. GS  also briefed about the HR issues and achievements of the AIBSNLEA. He explained the status of various CPCs, Court Cases, DE to DGM promotion, Standard  pay scale status, CPSU cadre hierarchy issue, restructuring of AD(OL), E1+5 increment, SDE RR, CPSU cadre Hierarchy, Superannuation benefits of DRs, Diversion of posts of CAOs, AD(OL) case of pay equivalent to SDE/AO, Rule 8 transfers etc, DPC in Civil/Electrical wing, JTO (Officiating) regularization, PPS posts creation in field units, DPCs of Telecom Factory and the issues of PA/PS etc, creation of leave encashment trust etc. Com. GS appraised the house about the AIBSNLEA demand and its justification for upgrading the Executives pay scales with cascading effect.  He mentioned that AIBSNLEA is trying its level best for the introduction of standard pay scales with cascading effect.  He mentioned that AIBSNLEA is very much concerned about the HR issues and will definitely achieve the desired results, but at the same time he also requested all the executives to provide best services to the customers and increase the revenue.

Com. GS mentioned that the Govt. has withdrawn the ADC charges and not allowed BSNL to participate in the 3G spectrum bid and subsequently BSNL was imposed the 3G spectrum with highest rate.  Subsequently Govt has taken away the reserve fund of 30,000 crores from BSNL and BSNL was not able to procure the equipment required for its expansion.   The Govt. is taking the pension contribution from BSNL on highest of IDA pay scale instead of the actual pay of an executive. He mentioned that Rs 500 Crores/Annum may be saved by taking pension contribution on actual basic.  

Com GS mentioned due to the strong opposition by the associations and unions only the dis-investment has not been taken place in the BSNL.  Dis-investment has not helped MTNL.  Com GS further mentioned that the present trend of the declining profit is a serious concern for all of us and there is a great need to think over it. Com GS mentioned that all the dues of BSNL i.e. pending rural deficit charges, BSNL refund etc should be cleared immediately by the Government. Com. GS assured that the support of CHQ is always available for this important Circle. In his detailed address Com. GS also highlighted the issues showing the indifferent attitude of Government, Encroachment of Rule 37 A pension by introducing 60:40 issue, 78.2 pay fixation case of BSNL pensioners, pending rural deficit charges , exhausting BSNL reserve funds of 30000 Crores has adversely affected the viability of BSNL. Com GS mentioned that all the dues of BSNL i.e. pending rural deficit charges, BSNL refund etc should be cleared immediately by the Government.

He explained that how due to the efforts of AIBSNLEA, Government has not succeeded to privatize BSNL on the issues like VRS, 30% disinvestment and unbundling of last mile copper and this is the only role of Trade Unions by which the disinvestment and unbundling of Copper conductor has not taken place in BSNL.

Com GS explained the role of AIBSNLEA in the viability of BSNL. GS mentioned the firm Commitment of AIBSNLEA towards the Viability of BSNL. At last he appealed the all Executives’ for make every effort with a team spirit and customer care for making BSNL a vibrant organization. At last he congratulated AIBSNLEA Haryana Circle for the success of the open session.

Chief Guest of the Open Session PGMTD Karnal Shri Sudeep Kumar in his address congratulated all for the successful holding of the conference and Open session. He mentioned that viability of the BSNL is the prime important issue for all of us. He praised the BSNL employees for their hard work and honesty. He stressed on to find the new ways of problem resolving like concentrating on salary component, saving electricity and fuel and grabbing new projects. He opined that BSNL should grab the prestigious projects from Govt. like BBNL recent project. He also stressed upon the importance of the lease line and EB segment for earning handsome revenue for BSNL for its better viability.

At last he thanked to the organizers for inviting and successful conduction of the conference.

President of the Open Session Shri Ganesh Sabharwal President AIBSNLEA Haryana Circle delivered the vote of thanks.

At the end of the Circle Conference the elections were held for the new Circle body for the next term. Com Gurdeep Singh AO Ambala, Com. Darbara Singh, AGM Panipat and Com. Naresh Kumar AGM (Call Center)  were unanimously elected as Circle President, Circle Secretary and Circle Treasurer respectively for the next term.  Retd. Com Shri Jasmer Singh, Consultant Circle Body Haryana managed the stage with an impressive way.

The entire Conference Hall was Jam Packed with mammoth gathering.