Friday, March 28, 2014

SR GMTD KARNAL SH CHANDERHAS WAS THE CHIEF GUEST OF OPEN SESSION.He congratulated the AIBSNLEA Haryana Circle Body for the grand success of the Circe Conference. He appealed all to leave the laziness and ensure to serve the BSNL with full enthusiasm like a soldier. He mentioned that in Karnal SSA, growth of revenue have been increased from 6% to 7 %. He stressed on the need of early restoration of telephone connection in true sense. He stressed to strengthen the self satisfaction spirit in BSNL for making it a viable organization. He also suggested increasing the revenue by customer care and Quality of service. 
Com. Darbara Singh, CS Haryana welcomed all the dignitaries in his welcome address. In his keynote address touched the issue of financial viability of BSNL .and the reasons of financial crisis in today's scenario. He explained the role of AIBSNLEA Haryana Circle in resolving the problems of member He appealed to make BSNL a vibrant Organization. He also stressed to strengthen the Quality of Service and improve customer satisfaction.
Com. Devesh Sharma, Organizing Secretary (North) CHQ in his address explained that in which manner the BSNL is suffering from the discriminatory attitude of the Govt. of India. He mentioned the efforts of AIBSNLEA CHQ in BSNL viability by introducing the concept of Customer Delight Month/Year. He explained the efforts of CHQ in continuously resolving the issues of BSNL Executives. He mentioned  the efforts and role of AIBSNLEA CHQ in resolving the problems of DR JTOs/JAOs.At last he appealed all to put all out efforts to successfully face the forthcoming membership verification.
Com. Alkendra Singh, Asstt. FS(CHQ), in his address appealed that this is the high time to all to and serve the customers more efficiently. He also stressed out the points need to resolve before the proposed merger of BSNL & MTNL. He touched the points related to viability of BSNL and need to adopt the energy saving techniques for revenue enhancement.
GS AIBSNLEA, Com Prahlad Rai, congratulated the comrades of Haryana Circle and specially Karnal SSA for the successful conference and thanked the comrades for their great affection. He appreciated the efforts of Haryana Circle in the Organizational action programmes at HQ and valuable suggestions of the Haryana Circle Comrades.
Com. GS appreciated the positive revenue growth of Haryana Circle and made hope that the same will further enhance and will be as per the expectation of the BSNL Corporate Office. Com GS informed that BSNL have made the Loss of more then 24000 Crores in the last 4 years and Haryana circle along with other circles can provide its contribution in overcome this situation.
He assured that the support of CHQ is always available for this important Circle. In his detailed address Com. GS mentioned that due to un-helping attitude of the Govt. i.e. unjustified payment of spectrum charges (3G & BWA) of Rs. 18,500, non-reimbursement of licenses fee, USO Charges, OPEX Charges, withdrawal of ADC, Payment of AGR, Non payment of rural subsidy inspite of NTP provisions has adversely affected the viability of BSNL. He informed that BSNL is spending a huge amount on 28,000 Rural exchanges in Rural areas telecom services but no decision on ADC charges is being taken by the Administrative Ministry. In addition of this Telecom Advisory Committee, Parliamentary Committees, Spectrum Allocation and bidding process on High rates are the example of step behavior of Government towards BSNL, which is a Government owned company. Scarcity of cables, telephone instruments, MLLN Modem, Broadband Modem, Drop wires etc has affected the quality & growth of services. He explained that how the AIBSNLEA is continuously pursuing these viability related issue with the BSNL Management and DoT. He informed that due to our continuous persuation, 3000 KM cable and 23 million Telephone instruments and BB Modems were procured. He appealed to BSNL Managemnet to suitably use the expertise of BSNL/s Civil/Electrical wings
Com. GS stressed on the need of committed leaders in BSNL. Com GS further explained the burning issues of the Headquarters level He explained the situation on the issues like VRS, 30% disinvestment and unbundling of last mile copper. Com. GS mentioned that the Broadband is the lifeline of BSNL and this is the only role of Trade Unions by which the disinvestment has not taken place in BSNL. Com GS mentioned AIBSNLEA's firm stand for the resolving all the pending issues first before merger of BSNL and MTNL. He apprised the status of HR issues related to mainly DPCs from JTO to SDE, SDE to DE, DE to DGM, DGM (Adhoc) to DGM(Reg), JAO to AO, AO to CAO(Reg) & CAO(Reg) to DGM(F) Adhoc and DGM (F) Adhoc to DGM(F) Regular, LDCE for SDE(T), MT Examination, DPC in C/E/Arch wings, PPS post creation in field units, AD(OL) issues, regularisation of Officiating JTOs. E2-E3 Standard pay scales for JTO/SDE, 30% superannuation benefits to Direct Recruits, Resolution of EPF anomaly, JTO 2007/2008 pay anomaly issue, VRS, Pay anomaly- Sr. are drawing less salary than their juniors, withdrawal of leave encashment for LTC, stopping of LTC etc.
Com GS explained the role of AIBSNLEA in the viability of BSNL. GS mentioned the firm Commitment of AIBSNLEA towards the Viability of BSNL. He appealed all to follow the steps of Kerala and Orissa Circle for ensuring the viability of BSNL. .He mentioned that he is having the full faith on the capability of Haryana Comrades. At last he appealed the all Executives' for make every effort with a team spirit and customer care for making BSNL a vibrant organization.
Com. Dayanand , Circle President , Haryana extended the vote of thanks. The open session ended with national anthem .The anchoring of the open session was done by Retd. Com Jasmer Singh In the internal session Com. GS replied all the queries made by the members. The entire Conference Hall was Jam Packed.
The Circle Body for the next term was unanimously elected. Com. Ganesh Sabharwal (AO), Com. Darbara Singh (AGM) and Com Shripal (AO) were unanimously elected as Circle President, Circle Secretary and Circle Treasurer for the next term. Com Dayanad was elected as CWC member.

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