Thursday, April 11, 2013

The following resolutions were unanimously adopted by CWC meeting held at Guwahati from 5 Apr13 to 6th Apr13

1.      Immediate withdrawal of looking after arrangements and allowing officiating Promotion till the time all vacant DE/DGM level posts are filled up on adhoc/regular basis.
2.      CPCs to fill up the vacant HAG/SAG/JAG, STS Group ‘A’ & Group ‘B’ Grade posts in BSNL on adhoc/ Regular basis :
3.      Regularization of Officiating JTOs and Removal of FR-35 pay fixation.
4.      Implementation of assured Executives Promotion Policy in BSNL: 
(a)  Implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy- Change of designations on each Time Bound upgradation on functional basis: 
(b)  Settlement of Pay anomaly cases wherein senior Executives are drawing less pay than their juniors: 
(c)  Amendment in BSNL MSRRs allowing Diploma holders to the promotion of EE: 
(d)  Date of effect of Implementation of revised IDA Pay Scales for the Executives w.e.f. 1.10.2000: 
(e)  One time placement of SDE to Sr. SDE: 
5.      Amendment in Management Trainees Recruitment Rule-2009 and DGM Recruitment: 
6.      Implementation of E-2, E-3 standard IDA Pay scales to JTO and SDE equivalent executives in BSNL: 
7.      Arbitrary  reduction of JAG and STS posts by 30% under the garb of Remuneration Committee even without conducting elementary work study – unwarranted and motivated attack on bare minimum promotional  avenues available to 35,000 Executives: 
8.      Serious anomalies in the TES Gr. ‘B’ officers’ seniority lists: 
9.      Restructuring of AD (O/L) cadre: 
10.    Regularization of Postal JAOs: 
11.    Withdrawal of 19.02.2010 order treating the promotion of AAO/Sr. AO/Sr. SDE as time bound promotion instead of post based promotion.
12.    Allowing to exercise option to Deptt. JAOs on their promotion who got promoted on or after 07.05.2010: 
13.     Antedating of pay -  anomaly due to accrual of increment of Junior earlier than the senior after fixation of pay in revised pay scale implementation of 2nd PRC: 
14.    Pay fixation case of JTOs 2007 & 2008 batches: 
15.    Special drive for recruitment of JTO’s/JAO’s as Circle cadre to meet the requirement of Tenure Circles: 
16.    Implementation of DoT Order no. 17-38/2009-VM.I dated 21.02.2013 for Inter Circle transfers of BSNL Executives' based on ODI/agreed lists - 
17.    Two weeks of training to executives whose pay is upgraded and on every promotion under EPP on the basis of offline examination process in Training Centers.
18.    Grievances of PA/ Stenographers’ cadre :
(a)  Post based promotions for P.A/P.S to PPS/Sr. PPS:  
(b)  Common Recruitment Rules & Nomenclature in BSNL.
(c)  Introduction of Promotion Policy for Stenos (Dying cadre):
19.    Stream lining of EPF Statement of BSNL recruited Employees: 
20.    Superannuation benefits to directly recruited employees as per DPE guidelines: 
21.    Implementation of DPE order for payment of 78.2% IDA fitment benefit w.e.from 01.01.2007 in BSNL:  
22.    Extension of LTC facility to retiring officer after August’2013.
23.    Executives are being harassed and terrorized by contract labour in KTD and WB Circles-protest against.

CWC also directed GS to immediately serve a notice for Organisational Action Programmes for the early settlement of above pressing issues.
The issue of transferring of funds / assets of the constituent association were discussed in detail.  Com. B S Reddy, Chairman of the committee formed for the purpose of pursuing the earstwhile G.Ss of TESA and AFSOA has detailed about the discussions taken place with both the G.Ss and the attitude of both the G.Ss in settling the issue.
G.S. submitted a detailed statement on the issue and complete details of the discussions with both General Secretaries and also stated that legal notice have already been issued to the G.S. TESA as per the decision of the earlier CWC with copy to the Registrar of Societies for not initiating action against the TESA for not adhering to the bye-laws
A letter addressed to the G.S. AFSOA duly signed by the members of the earstwhile AFSOA now holding various positions in the AIBSNLEA with copy to the earstwhile president of AFSOA request them to transfer the assets of AFSOA to the AIBSNLEA immediately were presented to the house and it was decided by the signatories to hand over the said letter through Com. G R Sharma by hand and also a copy through post.  

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