Monday, August 6, 2012

Election of Distt Body of Gurgaon was held on 27/7/2012 in the presence of Circle Secy and President and following office bearers were elected unanimously :-

1)   Distt. President                                            Sh. D. K. Aggarwal DGM
2)   Distt. Vice President                                  Sh. J. B. Paul Sr. P. A.
3)   Distt. Secretary                                           Sh. Anupam Yadav Sr. A. O.
4)   Asstt. Distt. Secretary                                Sh. S. N. Yadav SDE
5)   Asstt. Distt. Secretary                                Sh. Surender Kochhar SDE (E)
6)   Finance Secretary                                     Sh. Sukhbir Singh A.O.
7)   Organising Secretary                               Sh. V.K. Kataria SDE
8)   Executive Members                                  Smt. Sumitra Dhankar Sr. A.O.
Smt. Rajrani Sr. A.O.
                                                                                    Sh. Prashant Rastogi JAO
                                                                                    Sh. Puran Mal A.O.
                                                                                    Sh. R. K. Gupta JAO
Sh. M. C. Aggarwal CAO is nominated as Auditor.

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