Saturday, September 10, 2011

letter written to worthy CGMT Haryana for officiating orders in the cadre of the DE.

Circle President:  Daya Nand
Ph: 9416010877 (M)
Financial Secretary: Ganesh Sabherwal
Ph: 9416010878 (M)
Circle Secretary: DARBARA SINGH
Ph: 9416085045(M)

       The CGMT
        Haryana Cicle,Ambala Cantt.
NO:AIBSNLEA/HARYANA/2011/8             DATED 03/09/2011
SUB:-Regarding promotion of eligible SDEs to DET officiating.
       Most respectfully it is hereby requested that there is an acute shortage of DETs In Haryana Circle.So almost all the DETs have been allotted more than one charges.Consequently they all are overburdened and not able to control all the sections efficiently and effectively which is harmful for BSNL in this era of tough competition.Overloading is also causing resentment amongst the DETs.The main  reason behind the shortage of DETS is large no of retirements and non promotion of eligible SDEs for last two years on officiating basis while all the other Cadres are being promoted and SDEs are being kept deprived of their legitimate right of promotion.So resentment is prevailing amongst  our comrades  both in SDEs and DEs cadres, former being deprived of their legitimate right of promotion and later being  overloaded .
     So you are  requested to promote the eligible SDEs to DETs on local officiating basis so as to prevent resentment amonst the officers and to have a better and efficient control.In this regard it is also worth to mention that almost all the circles are giving the officiating promotion on the existing seniority list.Moreover the officiating arrangement is a temporary arrangement and can be terminated  at any time.The directions of supreme court regarding contempt  proceedings are also attached h/w for your kind reference please.

Sincerely y Yours
(Darbara Singh)
Circle Secretary,AIBSNLEA,Haryana.

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